The Gunpowder Cellar is located in the side of Toome Hill in Pirogov Park behind Tartu Town Hall. Entrance to the Cellar is from Lossi Street. Parking spaces can be found both on Lossi St. and in the parking lot in front of the Cellar.

Interesting facts about the Gunpowder Cellar


Facade masonry with two buttresses form a breast wall on the northern side of the bank. The Gunpowder Cellar was constructed on the site of a former moat which separated the fort from the barbican. Upon construction the old thick walls of the castle moat served as side walls for the new building. The size of the Gunpowder Cellar is remarkable: anteroom 33m², main cellar 250m² and the passage surrounding it 163m².

The lancet arch above both cellars reaches up to more than 10 metres. Cellar walls are ca 2.5 metres thick. On top of the arches’ three-metre-thick filling surface there are trees and pathways; the bank is equipped with a metal guard-rail. The Gunpowder Cellar is a building of value in terms of heritage protection.

It is owned by the City of Tartu Tartu and rented from the City by OÜ Moonaladu. The building’s current interior is designed by Aivar Roosaar, a well-known interior designer who also helped to redesign Villa Ammende in Pärnu.