What is the Pint Club?

The Pint Club is a club uniting the beer lovers who have a personal mug in the Gunpowder Cellar. This is a unique privilege and not available for everyone.

There are several advantages to being a member of this club:

  • Saku draft beer, 1 litre = only 4.50€.
  • Free admission to all events in the Gunpowder Cellar (except for special occasions, e.g. performance of plays).
  • Many good and great offers all year round, e.g. birthday concessions.
  • Updates on the events taking place at the Gunpowder Cellar.

Would you like to join the Pint Club? Register online or ask our staff for an application.

Register online & become a member

Pint Club @ Gunpowder Cellar

Who can join?

Everyone who appreciates good beer and wishes to be a member of the Gunpowder Cellar’s unique club.

Famous members

The Pint Club has nearly 1500 members, among those many well-known people, e.g. Lennart Meri (former president of Estonia).

How much does it cost to join?

There is single fee of 150€ to join the Pint Club. Every member is given a beer mug with his/her name on it and can enjoy several concessions from then on.

1478 members in the Pint Club                                                                                                                                                  85%


The mugs on the photos belong to the members of the Pint Club. Being a member is a privilege that guarantees a drink of good beer and great atmosphere.