Gunpowder Cellar - beer restaurant in Tartu

 Unique interior

Gallery - unique restaurant in Tartu

The Gunpowder Cellar’s history reaches back more than 300 years. Here you can taste patented beer and soups that cannot be found anywhere else.

 Tasty experience

Tartu söögikohad

The Gunpowder Cellar’s menu is as unique as the place itself. The dishes have a long history and prove a tasty treat.

Entertainment programme

Tartu events

One can never get bored in the Gunpowder Cellar as our entertainment programme with live music will keep you happy on six days a week.

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Tasty experience as well as exciting entertainment

On six days a week. Live music, good company and tasty dishes are the key words here. Have a look at our exciting programme. Feel free to contact us and ask for more information.

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Gunpowder Cellar 3D

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Step inside our virtual beer restaurant!

Gunpowder Cellar 3D

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